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Unseen Professional Episode 4 Dr. Yamunadevi Ramanathan, the young and dynamic Associate Consultant for Infection Control at Apollo Hospital, is also OT Coordinator who overlooks the CSSD function. As an anaesthetist and microbiologist, she has the twin perspectives of...

The Unseen Professional – Episode 3 As we move forward in getting to know CSSD professionals in the country, here is our interview with Ms. Mukta Kuyare, Deputy Manager - CSSD Bhaktivedanata Hospital & Research Institute. Her scientific bent of mind is evident from her...

Unlock CSSD 2.0

Unlock CSSD 2.0 It’s time to revolutionise CSSD and transform it into an efficient, integrated digital platform for an infection free Hospital. Just as Industry 3.0 transformed manufacturing, CSSD 2.0 can transform the way you run Surgical Workflow. For starters:...

The Unseen Professional – Episode 2 Mr. V Muralikrishnan, DGM - CSSD at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai shares with us his long and eventful journey. "CSSD breaks the cycle of infection in a hospital", he says of his profession - without doubt an important contributor to the...

A Case for Digitising Workflow

I am sure all of us want to turn the clock back on Covid-19. However, unfortunately, now that it is here, we have had to change the way we go about our lives. We work from home, meet team mates on Zoom, mobilise community service through social media, help children...

Gauri Bhatia

Microbiologist by training, CSSD professional by a happy accident. 30 years of CSSD practice with leading hospitals in Mumbai. Here's a look at her journey

The Unseen Professional

National CSSD Day is celebrated on 7th July every year. The Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) is the heart of the Hospital. A Hospital can come to a stand-still if there is a breakdown or a major shutdown in the CSSD. It is indeed necessary to celebrate the...


Covid-19 – Infection Control Strategies – Now & Beyond.
An informative Webinar with Dr. Rohini Kelkar on April 30th 2020

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