I am sure all of us want to turn the clock back on Covid-19. However, unfortunately, now that it is here, we have had to change the way we go about our lives. We work from home, meet team mates on Zoom, mobilise community service through social media, help children attend classes online, pay for services and products through payment gateways. In fact, many of us have picked up new skills via online resources – be it cooking, baking, or even cutting hair! What that means for us is that despite the disruption to our way of living, we can still be quite productive, thanks to the digital tools available to us.

Healthcare has had to change too! Online consultation with doctors, remote monitoring, home healthcare, long considered buzz words, are now reality. And, I would say, to good effect. If long queues in OPDs can be minimised, unnecessary crowding in hospitals can be avoided, and patient care can be delivered without compromising on quality of care, everyone is a winner. Once the dust on the pandemic settles a little and we are able to see the positive impact of technology, we can begin to appreciate how productive and efficient our processes can become with digitisation.

So, when you are able to, talk to us. We would be happy to partner with you in making your operations more productive, efficient, transparent and safe.