Surgical Instruments Tracking

Welcome to Pivot Smartflow. A Cloud-based Workflow System to simplify control of surgical instruments.

About Pivot Smartflow

Surgical instruments play a vital role in delivering patient care. For a hospital, monitoring, sterilising, maintaining them and ensuring their timely availability, can be challenging and time consuming.

The Pivot Smartflow Software streamlines surgical instrument processes, eliminating the uncertainties of misplaced instruments, adding value to patient safety and effective time and resource management.

It digitally connects the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) to caregiving units such as ICUs, Operating Rooms (OR); enabling full traceability, automatic identification, cycle tracking and documentation for all sterile supplies. Pivot Smartflow works on a pay-as-you-go model and uses Barcodes to enable auto-identification, speed up counts and simplify tracking. In effect, it gives you the freedom to put your best foot forward and reach your daily goals in patient care.

Strong Workflow Management

Improved Patient Safety

Accountability and Traceability

Realtime Communication

Benefits of Pivot Smartflow

Dramatically Improve Every Department’s Role In Your Success


Central Sterile Services

  • Identify and track instruments
  • Maintain inventory in real-time
  • Optimise sterility and life-cycle of instruments
  • Enable intra-department visibility
  • Reduce instances of lost or misplaced instruments


Care Givers

  • Sharpen OT turnaround time
  • Improve Patient Safety
  • Spend more time for care, less time on processes
  • Communicate effectively between CSSD and Care Givers
  • Avoid manual errors in handover


Hospital Management

  • Maximise the Return on Investment for surgical instruments
  • Save cost with effective resource management
  • Minimise loss of instruments
  • Enable data driven decision-making
  • Ensure accountability for instruments

Pivot Smartflow seamlessly tracks the movement of your instrument sets across the hospital. Barcode scanners used in the workflow add speed and accuracy.

You eliminate guesswork and have real-time knowledge about your instruments to measure their wear-and-tear. This is especially crucial for CSSD staff when assembling sets and caring for valuable hospital inventory.

The possibility of human error is minimised, and your staff is assured that correct instruments are available, accounted for and in their best condition. Pivot Smartflow gives powerful data insights into areas like cycle counts, breakages, incident tracking, employee productivity. The Software can be directly integrated with the Hospital Information System, ensuring better efficiency for users, smooth flow of information and unified data sources.

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