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About Namrata Kalsi

Namrata Kalsi is a global entrepreneur. She has had an illustrious marketing career, spanning 25 years, in dynamic sectors like Insurance, FMCG and Beauty & Health. Along the way, she discovered and enhanced her personality. People around her acknowledged her development as a communication expert, a leader, a mentor and an ace marketing professional. Keeping pace with the fast changing business environment, Namrata made sure to become adept in technology and honed her business skills in the virtual world too. She successfully conquered the online business realm.

With a thoughtful investment in her skills, network and personality over the years Namrata found that she could reach out to several people, helping them unlock their unlimited potential.

Motivated by the higher ideal of being in a position to help people with something more life changing beyond just business transactions, Namrata Kalsi found a full time new business in network marketing.

In her own words, it was love at the first instance for her with the network marketing business model. She saw it right away that network marketing business model could give people the kind of personal and financial freedom they always dream and desire for.

Namrata embraced the network marketing business model for Jeunesse.
She is super confident that with the support provided by a proven system backed by innovative business technology and a fascinating range of products YOUR network marketing business is a winner all the way!

How can Namrata help you change your life?

The economy continues to be difficult for so many people. Namrata Kalsi is focused on working with people who want more from their lives, including enhancing their financial destiny. More important is the opportunity the business model provides to make significant impact on the community around people.

The world has changed in the last 5 years. Today there are oppurtunities making it easier for new network marketing entrepreneurs to succeed, especially the internet and technology tools. Namrata's proficient team offers their expertise on how to build marketing platforms for social media and digital marketing.

Namrata Kalsi offers advice, help and support on how to build YOUR network marketing business with traditional tools of yesteryears and technology of today and tomorrow!

Reach out to Namrata, share about what you do and what you want. Namrata would love to play a part in your journey and hear about how you want to impact lives around you.

Jeunesse-The Company

Our mission is a global movement. In over 120 countries around the world, the Jeunesse family is committed to empowering others to achieve their highest potential.

From breakthrough products to a Financial Rewards plan like no other, the Jeunesse platform is creating real, positive change for those who want to seize it.

The founders of Jeunesse

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray


Jeunesse is shifting the paradigm of the entire anti-aging marketplace. Differentiate yourself in a market of broken promises with exclusive products that actually work.

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Open the door to unlimited earning potential and see the difference for yourself.

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