Pivot Smartflow does more than tracking instrument inventory. Our new improved Sterilisation Station can now help you track all your sterilisation cycles – including Bowie Dick Cycles that you run everyday. Gone are the days when you had to staple your cycle log to your register and watch it fade with time; when finding a particular batch summary was like finding a needle in a haystack; when writing sterilisation registers meant taking valuable time from your shift to write out details of sets loaded into the autoclave or instrument packs loaded into the ETO.

You can now depend on Pivot Smartflow to create a Smart Sterilisation Station complete with the day’s cycles & loads, a historical dashboard, uploaded cycle data for regulatory purposes, and keeping tracking of every load that passes through the steriliser day in and day out. That’s not all, you can track batch rejections with reasons – imagine how simple it will be to review your steriliser’s performance over time! Here is a pictorial look at the new improved Sterilisation Station.

Easy to use controls and click and select features mean that you spend little time in documenting and more time in running your department.

Graphic Dashboards and easy retrieval of batch data to handle recalls or to view loads.

Experience Pivot Smartflow in action today! For a demo, contact us at [email protected]