About Healthtech Pivot

At Healthtech Pivot, we’re building a platform that will make Central Sterile Services at hospitals more data-driven and automated. A platform that will bring enterprise-wide efficiency in surgical instruments tracking. A young company with a mission to improve Patient Outcomes through better Data.

Our Team

Radhika Bawa

Founder & Managing Partner

Radhika doubles up as Product Lead, Branding & UI champion, Administrator and “doer” in chief! She has a background in accounting, process and systems implementation.

Aditya Bawa

Founder, Partner

Aditya leads Sales and is responsible for making Pivot smartflowTM ubiquitous in the medical industry. He has a background in engineering and healthcare distribution.

Gajanan Desai

Technical Lead

Gajanan leads the technical team for Pivot smartflowTM and is the go-to person for all things RFID. He has a background in Electronics and Communication and has honed his RFID expertise over several years in the industry.