Automate Surgical Instruments Tracking

Quick handovers. Full visibility. Automated checklists.
RFID powered instruments & sets create their own digital footprints.

Make your surgical instrument workflow easy and quick

Pivot smartflowTM allows you to track your instruments and sets from Central Sterile Services to Care-giving Departments. It uses RFID to quickly count, and match instruments to sets, saving valuable time for your technicians.

Find instruments & sets faster

Searching for instruments, check the current location and status or check usage history. Never lose sight of your expensive instruments again!

Improve patient care

Pivot smartflowTM ensures damaged instruments do not enter the use cycle. The surgical team can account for all instruments that were used during a procedure.

Improve communication between care-givers and processing technicians

Users can indicate faulty / damaged / missing instruments, can request for loaners and special sets and search for instruments and sets at various locations.

Keep Detailed Documentation

Track and document the complete sterilization cycle including handling of exceptions, rejections and recalls of batches. Every step of the process is automatically documented so that you can always access details later.

For Central Sterile Services

Tight tracking of
Surgical Workflow

RFID based surgical instrument tracking makes workflow management efficient, simple and error free. Search is made easy. Uniquely identify instruments and sets allowing unprecedented visibility and control.

For Care-Givers

Pivot Surgical WhiteboardTM for Patient Safety

Improve patient safety and documentation, ensure no surgical items left behind, and establish clear communication among the surgical team through the one of its kind Surgical Whiteboard.

For Hospital Management

Rationalise Inventory

Efficient and robust workflow means fewer instances of loss and pilferage of expensive inventory as well as lesser inventory locked up as “redundant” supplies. Clear analytics on usage, loaners, repairs and damages, sterilization workflows make healthcare practice safer and allow cost saving.