Take Control of Your Workflow

Pivot smartflowTM for Hospitals, large, medium or small;
Faster, more efficient and cost-effective Instrument Tracking System.

Keep track of Set movements

Track sets by location, control movement of sets in and out, check queues at various jobs, the works.

Improve Accuracy & Efficiency

Step by step guidance on creating instrument packs, including instrument photographs, special care / packing / assembly instructions, set definitions. Printed set labels improve patient safety, making the task of set identification easier.

Right inventory at the right place

Track your patient load and scheduled cases to plan inventory of sets. Create orders for special loaner / consignment sets based on scheduled cases and surgeon’s needs. Make sure your inventory matches with your surgical workload.

Communicate Fast and Accurately

Quickly report adverse events, missing instruments / sets, damages to instruments so that teams can take action. Gain useful insights through incident history data, frequency of occurrence, analytics. A chat like interface makes sharing of information intuitive and easy.

Includes basic features +

RFID Enabled location updates

RFID tags on instrument trays help automate location tracking of sets.

Manage the Repair Bin

Keep track of instrument repairs, service warranties and repair turnarounds. Issue new repair jobs , receive repaired items and maintain repair history of each instrument.

Loaner management made easy

Introduce vendor loaner sets into the workflow, complete with item images, case details and item details. Track loaner sets from the time they arrive until they are returned to the vendor.

Includes basic features + intermediate features +

Pivot Surgical WhiteboardTM

A simple four-step process allows you to select patient, account for every instrument / loaner / dressing material / swabs used during surgery, keep a handy count of materials and track consumption of items. Create pdf consumption reports for easy patient billing.

Digitisation & Regulatory Compliances

Comply with the USFDA regulation on Unique Device Identification to track each instruments through the use cycle. India Medical Device Rules 2017 also mandate that by Jan 2022, every medical device should bear a unique ID.